Hey guys! The 7th season of Game of Thrones ended with betrayal, first-time meetings, exciting reunions, alliances made and broken, execution of a major character, a forbidden love and the giant ice Wall tumbling down all in 80 minutes.



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The episode began with an enemy at the gates of King’s Landing as the Unsullied and Dothraki armies showed off their numbers while Cersei had the Dragonpit ready for the summit and told The Mountain to kill Daenerys then Tyrion and then Jon Snow if anything went wrong. They entered the massive Dragonpit, which was once an arena the Targaryens used to house their dragons. The representatives for the Starks, Lannisters, and Greyjoys took their seats. Cersei asked of Daenerys who chose to arrive late on her dragon. Tyrion tried to open the discussion but Euron rudely broke in like he was waiting for somebody to talk just so he could interrupt them. He demanded that Theon surrendered or he would kill Yara (good to know she’s alive) and Cersei who was clearly embarrassed by him and told him to shut up and sit after he ignored Jamie‘s command.



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Jon Snow did a little introduction of his Army of the Dead presentation as The Hound went to get the crate that contained the wight to show Cersei and her people. The wight rushed out acting all demonic and scary and went straight for Cersei, even The Mountain was useless in defending her. Jon calmly demonstrated how to kill it and Qyburn was obviously intrigued. Euron took a closer look and asked if they could swim, Jon said they couldn’t and Euron told Daenerys that if they both left Westeros and returned to their islands, they would be the only ones left alive when the great war was over. Cersei offered to accept the truce until the dead were defeated if “Ned Stark’s son” stayed neutral in the war but Jon tried to express in the most polite and honorable-sounding way that he could not serve two queens and Cersei said there was no truce then stormed off, leaving everybody unhappy with Jon Snow. Even Daenerys wasn’t pleased with his decision to be honest after she pressurized him to bend the knee the whole season! Tyrion asked Jon if he had ever considered learning how to lie just a bit and Jon replied that if enough people made false promises, words would stop meaning anything and there would be no more answers just better and better lies.



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Tyrion volunteered to talk to Cersei who accused Tyrion of plotting the destruction of their family and admitted that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey but by killing their father, he weakened their family which led to the deaths of her other two kids, Myrcella and TommenHe tried to appeal to her sense of nobility but Cersei did not care about making the world a better place and the more Tyrion tried to convince her, the more angry she became. Tyrion suddenly realized that Cersei was pregnant and he understood that her unborn child was her hope and her reason for even considering the meeting.

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Back at the Dragonpit, Jon and Daenerys chatted and she told him the reason she thought she couldn’t have children was because the witch who killed Drogo told her so. Jon pointed out that the witch might not be a good source of information and a scene towards the end of the episode proved there was hope for her future. Tyrion came back to the Dragonpit alive with #teamCersei behind him. Tyrion had convinced her (or at least he thought he did) as she accepted to fight alongside with Daenerys and Jon Snow then resume the battle for the Ironthrone when the Army of the Dead was defeated.



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It turned out Cersei secretly planned to back out of the Dragonpit deal with no intention of helping to defeat the Army of the Dead. She figured Daenerys had just 2 dragons left because the dragons were vulnerable so she sent Euron to Essos to get more troops so she would be prepared to kill whoever was left after the Great WarJaime insisted he would ride North and Cersei pointed out that it was treason but for him, it was about keeping his word. The Mountain was ready to kill Jaime who boldly walked away and even though Cersei gave the signal, The Mountain started to make a move but didn’t go through with it. I’m still confused as to what happened here. Jaime was on his way out of King’s Landing when he noticed it was snowing. Winter had come to the south and Cersei wouldn’t hide from it. Also, the prospect of Jaime Lannister partnering with Daenerys and Jon Snow for the final season is quite exciting and I bet it would a bit awkward for Jaime to meet Bran.

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At WinterfellLittlefinger tried to convince Sansa to turn against Arya by leading her through a really cynical worst-case scenario thought exercise. She did what he advised but it wasn’t for AryaShe had Arya brought into the Great Hall and Littlefinger was in his corner smirking as usual. Arya asked if Sansa was sure she wanted to do this as she started reading out a list of charges: treason, conspiracy and murder then asked if Lord Baelish denied it. He was just as shocked as we all were! He tried to talk her out of it, then asked to be escorted out of Winterfell safely as the Lord of the Vale but none of it worked so he got on his knees and begged for mercy. Sansa, Arya, and Bran all knew of Littlefinger’s crimes and Arya happily played executioner, slitting his throat with the Valyrian steel dagger that he gave to Bran. Later, Arya and Sansa had a chat where they showed they had mutual respect and understanding of each other’s talents and sufferings.

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Back at Dragonstone, Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy had a discussion as Theon felt the need to feel accepted by Jon who said he forgave Theon but would not pretend that his sins weren’t terrible. Theon tried to gather his few remaining men to support him on a mission to rescue Yara but they asked to go home instead. Their leader beat the hell out of Theon and told him to stay down or he would kill him but Theon kept fighting. The man tried to kick his groin and was confused when Theon didn’t cry out in pain but rather broke into a big smile for the first time in years as he fought back and won. He then asked, again, if the other men would follow him on the rescue mission and they joyfully agreed.

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Later on, Samwell Tally arrived at Winterfell and went to see Bran who explained that he was now the Three-Eyed Raven and together they knew the two Jon Snow ancestry puzzle pieces that would reveal the King in the North’s true identity. Bran told Samwell that Jon Snow’s mother was Lyanna Stark and confirmed that Jon’s father was indeed Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. He truly has Targaryen blood! Bran said Jon needed to know who he really is and Sam surprised Bran by knowing something the Three-Eyed Raven did not know. He told him Rhaegar married Lyanna in a secret ceremony which triggered Bran to have a vision where we saw the ceremony of Prince Rheagar marrying a happy and non-kidnapped Lyanna. This would mean that Roberts Rebellion and the overthrow of the Targaryens was built on a lie, Jon Snow had no business being King in the North as he had every right to sit on the Iron Throne and Daenerys was not the true heir after all. Jon’s name isn’t even Jon (You know nothing, Jon Snow, not even your real first name), his name Aegon Targaryen.

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The next scene has no dialogue, some voice-over of Bran and Samwell‘s revelation about Jon‘s true identity, but between Jon and Daenerys there was only silence. Jon knocked on her cabin door as Tyrion watched from afar knowing why he was there, she opened knowing why he was there and they both knew they knew why they were there all in a romantic scene. Afterwards, they laid down and looked into each other’s eyes and I can’t help but wonder how they would feel when they find out she’s his aunt and he’s her nephew!

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The episode (and season) ended at Eastwatch with The Army of the Dead finally reaching The Wall. Tormund and Beric watched in horror as hundreds of thousands of wights gathered at The Wall which was 8,000 years old, held together by ice and magic that prevented anything dead from passing. The Night King arrived with Viserion who blasted the wall with blue fire (or ice?) as the wights poured through the broken Wall. The Great War is definitely on and I can’t wait for the final season next year! Get an inside look at Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 below…



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