So I was watching a movie titled The Bridge 1 adapted from a novel of the same name by Karen Kingsbury and for some funny reasons, the movie so got me that half way into it I had to whip out my laptop (well not really my laptop… my friend’s laptop) and took some notes.

I would do anything for you,
I saw you In a sea of faces on the edge of campus and couldn’t help but stare

(Lyrics From The Song Ryan Wrote For Molly After They Had Christmas Eve Dinner Together In Tennessee)



The Bridge 1 is a 2015 Hallmark Channel Original Movie about a bookstore that was setup out of a tragic experience that happened to a particular couple who lost their baby due to a miscarriage; which became an escape for a lot of people who have had a bad experience with life and looking for some sort of closure and also looking forward to a promising tomorrow. First thing that drew me to this movie was the title and then the picture quality was crystal clear that it caught me from the very first frame of the movie.




Molly (played by the amazing Katie Findlay) travelled from Seattle to Tennessee to study music even though she knew that when she turned 25, she was going to takeover as CEO of her father’s huge cooperation. She met Ryan (played by Wyatt Nash) while registering for some courses and her already predestined life took an unexpected turn as she started falling for him. Its funny how we have a planned life then we meet someone who just makes us realize that our plans means nothing if at the long run we are not going to be happy with the choices we made. The movie ended with a tune performed by Kyle Kupecky tittled “I would do anything for you” and I really wanted to do it all over again!!!!

This was a good watch and I really do hope you see it. Check out the trailer below if you’re not still convinced…



It’s my first ever review guys and I’m ecstatic!

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