You’re the Worst returns for its 4th season but you probably didn’t know that because you’ve probably never heard of it. Well it’s okay, most people haven’t… it’s on FXX, it’s weird and it’s awesome! I’ve seen it thrice already and if you skip work or school for the next two days, you’d easily be caught up by the season premiere with 21–26 minutes per episode. Why should you watch it? Here are some reasons…



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  • Cool plot:

You’re the Worst starts out with two angry adults who hook up at a wedding because, well, because they’re both right there. Jimmy Shive-Overly and Gretchen Cutler then decide to take that a step farther as they continue keep hook up, then they move in together and become essential parts of each other’s lives without meaning to.



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  • Fantastic cast:

Chris Geere plays the obnoxiously selfish Jimmy and Aya Cash plays the self-destructive Gretchen perfectly. Desmin Borges plays the delightful Edgar (the sweet and ever nice Iraq War veteran with PTSD who is also Jimmy‘s homeless friend) and Kether Donohue’s Lindsay is the promiscuous best friend who doesn’t know how to exist outside of  being “Paul’s wife” and “Gretchen’s best friend”. She’s clueless and oblivious but means well and I guess that’s what really matters. Together, with others like Allan McLeod as Paul Jillian and Brandon Mychal Smith as Sam Dresden, they all give stellar comedic performances.



  • Extremely funny: 

I really can’t explain how funny the show is so just take my word for it…trust me, the show balances its storytelling with solid jokes. Most of the jokes aren’t appropriate anyway and are not laugh-track-ready punchlines, but even the little moments, the basic humor of real-life situations and snappy comebacks like Lindsay and Gretchen trolling the frozen yogurt store employee or rapper Sam’s straight-out-of-Martha-Stewart-magazine house, are hints of perfection few comedy shows attain.



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  • Best buddies:

You’re the Worst appears to be a romantic comedy about the relationship between Gretchen and Jimmy but what makes the show dope is the way that relationship can be mixed with the other relationships in their lives. Gretchen and Lindsay have been best friends since forever; they’ve always drunk together, done drugs together, partied together, encouraged each other in their crazy sexual exploits and tell it like it is, call each other every name in the book (sometimes slap each other if necessary). Jimmy and Edgar also manage together as roommates even though Jimmy doesn’t treat Edgar nicely. Its complicated but they need each other.



  • The emotions will catch you off-guard:

Like Jimmy, you’d be shocked to find that you feel things. You’re the Worst is an anti-romantic comedy in many ways but there is still some real romance buried under the callousness. It’s so subtle, not enough to make the series melodramatic but the more you fall for the characters, the more you find yourself completely invested in their relationships.


The 4th season of You’re The Worst is scheduled for release with a one-hour premiere on 6th of September and here is the trailer…



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