Hi guys! Suits aired its 100th episode directed by its very own Patrick J. Adams with an episode that brought the prison story-line to an end as Harvey and Mike sought outside help, an unexpected encounter derailed Louis‘ search for a new associate and Donna received a proposition.




Mike showed up at Harvey’s apartment looking for a classic “Batman and Robin” team-up to save Alex Williams. To save their co-worker, they would need some outside help from none other than Robert Zane. Basically, they just need Robert to take the case and to attend a settlement meeting with Reform Corp where he would leave with a cut of the settlement and Alex would be free. Robert agreed to it but warned Harvey that if he took the case, he would do it his way…and I knew the plan was going to derail at this point.


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Roger (Reform Corp’s head) wasn’t too happy to learn that Robert Zane who is also Mike’s future father-in-law was coming after them but Harvey assured him that he had it handled. Robert showed up at the settlement meeting ready to declare war on Reform Corp with an ask that was higher than he discussed with Harvey because he wanted to make Reform Corp pay and was willing to take them to trial since he had a star witness; Frank Gallo. It turned out Robert decided to turn up the heat on Reform Corp once he realized that they were actively feeding into a system that negatively affected black people. So, Mike and Harvey had to figure out a way to make sure Frank didn’t testify for Robert.





Back at PSL, Louis and Donna received a blast from the past. Louis discovered that Columbia didn’t send any applicants for Pearson Specter Litt’s associate program so he flipped out and headed over to Morningside Heights to give the law school’s head of recruitment a piece of his mind but his anger vanished the moment he barged into the recruitment official’s office and came face to face with Sheila Sazs. Hey Sheila! Louis was obviously shocked to see her in New York since she was kind of reluctant to leave Harvard when they dated. It turned out she was engaged and her fiance lived in New York so she moved there for him. In the midst of this awkwardness, she decided that there was no reason for her to withhold candidates and agreed to send over her best students as soon as possible as Louis left the office still in shock. Donna also got in contact with her ex (Mark) who we were introduced to last episode and at the end of their very flirty lunch, he told Donna that he was married. She got pissed, especially since they both knew it was more than “just lunch” but Mark told her he was very unhappy in his marriage and really them to date again. Donna however declined and , told Mark that she was open to going out once he and his wife are officially divorced.


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Unfortunately, Mike had no luck convincing Frank not to testify as Frank had realized he could only win his daughter back if she saw him do something good. While Harvey went over to Mike‘s to brainstorm on their next move, Rachel insisted on being included and came up with a new plan to shut Robert down which would mean they would have to play dirty and impugn Robert’s reputation.


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The next day, “Batman and Robin” headed to court and Harvey didn’t want to go through with the plan but when Bratton showed up and threatened to take over the case, “Batman” realized he had no other option. When the hearing began, Harvey argued that Frank was making Robert commit perjury by threatening Rachel’s life. After the judge ruled against letting Frank testify, Robert lost it on Harvey and Mike in the bathroom and the fact that it was Rachel’s idea didn’t make it any better as they still had the option not to do it.




Meanwhile, Louis and Donna received similar propositions from their exes; both Mark and Sheila wanted to spend “one more night” with them before returning to their lives. This put both Louis and Donna in an uncomfortable position as they’re both feeling lonely and a part of each of them wanted to say yes but they knew not to so Louis and Donna both looked for clarity on the P.S.L. roof.


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Donna was probably going to say no but then she ran into Paula leaving a note for Harvey and realized it was their two-month anniversary. Her sense of loneliness hit her again and she decided to turn down Rachel’s offer for drinks because she already had plans…to go see Mark.


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The next day, Harvey received some shocking news that Frank Gallo died in prison the night before…RIP Frank! He quickly assumed Roger and Bratton were behind it and confronted Roger at his office. At first, Roger claimed he had nothing to do with it but eventually when Robert showed up with a video recording of Frank’s testimony that directly implicated Roger in the guard’s murder and the other shady practices, he agreed to Robert’s settlement. Harvey also made Roger draw up an affidavit that cleared Alex’s name and pinned the blame on Bratton which Harvey then used to force Bratton to rip up the affidavit Alex signed earlier in the season and also resign.


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That night, Mike and Robert made amends, Harvey had dinner with Paula and gave her a key to his place to celebrate their two-month anniversary and finally, Louis and Donna made their choices. Donna decided to turn down Mark but Louis, who’s still heartbroken after Tara, accepted Sheila’s offer and went to her hotel room.


With 2 episodes left to round up the season, below is the trailer for the next episode; Shame…




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