Hi guys! Most people are familiar with loads of popular scripted television shows but many don’t realize that quite a few of their favorites are based on real people and true events even if they don’t always stick strictly to history. While Game Of Thrones and Jessica Jones are perfect for our fix of fantasy, I guess the thrill of being gripped by a story that actually happened heightens the dose of drama that is missing in your own life. Here are some TV shows based on true stories


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  • Orange Is The New Black:

Orange Is The New Black (sometimes abbreviated to OITNB) is a Netflix hit based on Piper Kerman‘s memoir; Orange Is The New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. The prison drama-comedy has since strayed far from the memoir but the show maintains the original purpose of the book which was to shine a light on America’s broken prison system. With its 6th season on the way, its binge-worthy if you’re yet to catch up.


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  • Band of Brothers:

HBO’s World-War II mini-series Band of Brothers is based on the 1992 book with the same name by Stephen E. Ambrose. As part of the show’s authenticity, every episode except the finale opened with interviews of the real-life soldiers who survived. None of the real-life soldiers were named, so viewers did not know which soldiers survived and which soldiers died until the finale’s big reveal.


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  • Entourage:

This HBO‘s comedy-drama is inspired from actor Mark Wahlberg‘s life and experiences as a growing A-list Hollywood star. The series ran for 8 seasons with Wahlberg as one of its executive producers. It is themed on friendship and daily events that Wahlberg faced as a rising Hollywood actor.


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  • Breaking Bad:

This smash-hit AMC drama series was inspired from several characters but most significantly meth cook, Walter White. The show premiered in 2008, when Alabama based real-life Walter White was listed in the state’s Most Wanted List. It is also inspired by William Duncan, a Texas based Chemistry teacher and Stephen Doran, a Boston-based teacher diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, who were both arrested in 2011 for running meth laboratories.


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  • Fresh Off The Boat:

Fresh Off The Boat is a comedy-series inspired by chef-turned-author Eddie Huang‘s memoir; Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir. It revolves around Huang, his Taiwanese family and their experiences in trying to live in a 90s suburban Orlando in the US. The show is the first Asian-influenced show by ABC network.


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  • Scandal:

Scandal is an ABC series partially based on former George H.W. Bush administration press aide and real-life crisis management specialist, Judy Smith who is popular in the US for helping people escape trouble. Smith is both the co-creator and executive producer of the drama-series that has Kerry Washington playing the protagonist, Olivia Pope.


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  • Narcos:

Narcos is a Netflix original series that centers around the real-life drug leader Pablo Escobar. The crime thriller follows the life and events of Escobar as he became a billionaire by producing and circulating cocaine.


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  • Boardwalk Empire:

This HBO series is based on the 2002 non-fiction book Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City written by Nelson Johnson. It is a political-drama series that portrays the life and events of Enoch L. Johnson, a real-life Atlantic City politician.

If you haven’t watched these shows already, you really gotta get your game on.


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