Hey guys! Showtime‘s comedy-drama returns for its eighth season as the Gallagher family have moved past the loss of their mother, but one family member in particular; Frank Gallagher is completely changed by the experience and is now renewed and remorseful.


This season, The Gallaghers have a lot of money to burn after Carl sold their inheritance from Monica, Frank is out of a drug-induced haze and has decided it’s finally time to be a contributing member of society and attempts to make amends for decades of disappointment, Lip has to sacrifice to maintain his sobriety, while Fiona faces hard decisions when she discovered her success as a landlord may mean someone else’s misfortune and also swears off random romantic encounters.


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William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher, Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher, Jeremy Allen White as Philip “Lip” Gallagher, Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher, Shanola Hampton as Veronica Fisher, Isidora Goreshter as Svetlana FisherSteve Howey as Kevin Ball, Emma Kenney as Deborah “Debbie” Gallagher, Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher all return for the 8th season of Shameless which begins 5th November.




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